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Sustainable Homes

David Reid Homes helps you choose the appropriate products for your build. Our building selections allow you to minimise your home’s running costs, whilst ensuring your home is truly sustainable.



undefined Comfort

  1. High level of ceiling insulation with thermal breaks
  2. 140mm framed exterior walls to allow for extra thick insulation and reduction in thermal bridging
  3. Concrete floor slab and foundation fully wrapped with insulation. The floor slab is thicker to provide thermal mass
  1. In slab radiant heating
  2. Large north facing windows to maximize passive heating
  3. Double glazed, thermally broken window frames with Low-E glazing
  4. Warmth maximising thermal drapes throughout the house
  5. Extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms

undefined Sustainability

  1. Locally sourced cladding from renewable and sustainably managed supplies
  2. Outdoor washing line
  3. Vegetable gardens and fruit trees
  4. Native planting
  5. The majority of outdoor space to have permeable surfaces (lawns, gardens and paving / decking)
  6. Space to store recycling
  7. Worm farm or composting bins

undefined Water

  1. Water efficient tapware
  2. Water efficient appliances
  3. Dual flush toilets
  4. Efficient showers that use less than 9 litres per minute
  5. Large tank (underground for aesthetics) for storing rain water. Used for toilets, laundry, hose taps and garden irrigation.
  6. Water heated by solar panels or heat pump

undefined Energy

  1. Energy efficient appliances
  2. LED lighting throughout
  3. Renewable energy to be generated on site using photovoltaic solar panels on the roof