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Sustainability and Efficiency

The sustainability of your home, and your living environment need to be carefully considered throughout the building process. From the initial planning stages of your home, right through to the materials you use and the trees you plant. It's something that may take a little extra time now, but you will reap the rewards in the years to come.

Sustainable Homes

To achieve a sustainable home you need to consider your choices and options for everything from construction materials to energy efficient appliances. Built to maximize sun, natural light and passive ventilation, sustainable homes tread lightly on the land, minimise toxins in the environment and provide homeowners with the benefits of a healthy, energy efficient home.

More About Sustainable Homes

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Efficient Homes

When we think of efficiency in a home, this typically links to the homes use of energy (or lack thereof) required to keep a home comfortable for its inhabitants. Some of the key areas that should be considered at design and specification stages of your new home include Location, Wall & Roof Insulation, Lighting and Water Usage.

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