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Architectural Home Design and Build

Plans don’t need to change

Avoid having a budget blow-out by making sure you get your plans right the first time. A key feature of our success as architectural home builders is that we have a network of specialist residential architects in every part of New Zealand. It is commonplace for building companies in New Zealand to work with residential architects on the odd occasion, as required. The problem with that model is that architect and builder don't gain the experience working together they need to produce an exceptional architectural home which actually comes in at budget. That takes time, and many projects to get right. Through years of working together, on hundreds of architectural design and build projects across New Zealand, our architects are integrated into our building company. They and our home builders work together as a team, throughout the process, from the very beginning to the very end. Ensuring a workable architectural design is drawn up which can be built within your budget.


Architectural builders

Picking an architect that suits you

You may have a very specific style of architectural home in mind. You may even be unsure what kind of home design you really want. This is no problem - we're here to help. By talking with you to gain an understanding of your preferences, we can advise you which of our dedicated architects specialises in the type of architectural home plans you are looking for, and will be the best fit for your building project.

The benefits of collaboration

Having our experienced home builders involved throughout the architectural design process can really help you understand the cost implications and technical requirements associated with any architectural design features that you may be considering. This allows you to make informed choices before the architectural plans are finalised, giving you the opportunity to make significant cost savings and reducing the risk of budget blow-outs down the track. 

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Avoid the pitfalls of rushed plans

Going directly to a residential architect and having plans drawn up without involving your builder first can be a risky strategy, as you may not fully understand the costs or difficulty of architectural home construction involved with your chosen design. You could then need to make major changes to the plans once building has commenced. Having to halt construction due to last minute design changes can result in lengthy delays to the build. Which usually comes with a hefty price-tag.

With our home builders and residential architects working together as a team, you can be confident that you are getting an architectural home design that you can afford to build, while still achieving the things that are important to you in your new home. 

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