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How smart can a new home be? At David Reid Homes, we believe that innovation and smart design is a must in modern homes. In building your new home we feel it is our responsibility to include as many “smarts” as possible within our standard builds, as well as offer you the option of smart upgrades. Our building selections allow you to minimise your home’s running costs, whilst ensuring your home is truly sustainable in key areas.

Energy Efficiency

Create efficient heating, lighting and hot water for your current and future needs.

  • LED lighting
  • Heat pump heating options (wall unit or ducted system)
  • Electric or continuous gas hot water heating options
  • Low flow tapware


Improve the insulation properties of your home by delivering year round comfort to your family home.

  • Thicker insulation in walls and ceiling
  • Passive ventilation
  • Double glazed aluminium joinery with Low-E glass options
  • Insulated garage door
  • Durable internal floor coverings
  • Insulated slab options


Contribute to your home’s liveability by increasing durability and considering future requirements.

  • Fibre-ready data cabling
  • Attic trusses and ladder for storage
  • Garage carpet
  • High quality floor coverings