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Medium Density Housing

Urban mixed housing under Auckland's unitary plan. Put your land to a better use.

The Government and local Councils are updating their unitary plans to reflect the need to densify inner-city communities. This provides for better use of land which has the best connections to existing infrastructure, but also allows for a different style of living. Medium density housing covers projects from 2-5 stories in multiple forms such as duplex homes, terrace houses or apartments. If well designed, urban mixed housing can provide an attractive and comfortable home with open plan living, and generous outdoor spaces. Which is close to public transport, cafés and shops, yet still provides adequate room for the entertainer, or enough room to build a family. Our mixed housing urban specialists are aligned with a specialist architect and urban designer for Auckland's unitary plan. 

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Where to begin

The unitary plan for your area informs you of the rules which apply to any project on that land. Once this is known, a concept scheme can be developed to maximise the development potential within your budget. Getting an appraisal is the first step in establishing the potential of your property.

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Unforeseen costs

A medium density housing project is often more complicated than a single house build. Getting new services to urban mixed housing often requires large driveways, multiple services runs, specially designed stormwater and sewer systems and rainwater detention; and that’s before you’ve even gotten out of the ground. 

Our medium density team has specialist engineering knowledge – developing solutions for complex sites is our specialty.

When we build a medium-density development project for you, you still get a David Reid Homes finished product.

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Our value add

David Reid Homes are going about medium density housing in a different way.

We are using environmentally friendly products. Among many others:

  • We are using house insulation made from recycled milk bottles. 
  • We are looking to use electrical wiring solutions which reduce the amount of copper used.
  • Instead of polystyrene floor insulation we are using a product made from recycled car batteries, which gives a better insulation value and is better for the environment

We are utilising alternative technologies to construct houses. Using Cold Formed Steel improves the speed of the build, as well as not being impacted by moisture.

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