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Knock Down and Rebuild

Love where you live.

Imagine living in a new home, built exactly the way you want it, designed to suit your lifestyle but still in the neighbourhood you love. Maybe you're looking to knock down and rebuild your old home, or have purchased a property to redevelop. Whatever the situation, our custom home design process will ensure that when you demolish and rebuild with us, the old house is replaced with a new, innovative home that is designed to match your individual requirements and taste. The cost to tear down and rebuild a house might makes it a viable method to build a dream home for a lot of  New Zealanders. Building costs when demolishing a house and starting from scratch can actually be less than risky, extensive renovation projects. 

Knock down and rebuild your home
Home knock down and rebuild
Knock down and rebuild NZ

A knock down rebuild project can save you money

The cost to tear down and rebuild a house might be a lot less than you think. Because with a knock down rebuild project you get a new, energy-efficient and innovative home for potentially less than the cost of an extensive renovation project. And because renovations can be risky, knock down rebuilds also have more predictable timelines. 

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Stay in the neighbourhood you love

Knockdown rebuild allows you to stay in your current location meaning minimal family disruptions, no need to change schools or re-establish your family in a new neighbourhood.

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A new home exactly as you want it

Demolishing your old home and starting fresh means that you don’t have to work around existing structures – and you don’t have to compromise. With us you can dream, big or small, to achieve a home that’s truly personal and reflects your personality and your taste.

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