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  • DRH-Wanaka-Show-Home-0015.jpg

    11 Jul 2017

    Improve the warmth of your home

    When it comes to the New Zealand climate, the team at David Reid Homes Queenstown face first-hand the extremes of hot summers and freezing winters. So as the latest cold winter front moves through, we speak with Queenstown's Director Frazer MacKenzie about creating an energy efficient home.

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  • Home Knockdown and Rebuild

    03 Jul 2017

    Same Site, New Home

    As good homes in desirable areas get harder to come by, more and more people are opting to wipe the slate clean on their existing section, and start again with the David Reid Homes Knock Down & Rebuild service.

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  • kirimoko050.jpg

    21 Jun 2017

    Four Ways To Reduce Condensation On Windows

    A key part of keeping your home warm in the winter and avoiding winter illnesses lies in ensuring your home is well insulated and dry. Condensation on windows can indicate moisture in the air, and can make your home harder to heat. Consider these four smart tips for reducing moisture in your home.

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  • Canterbury 2016 Showhome -NL.jpg

    15 Jun 2017

    High Quality New Builds Remain Priority Amid Changing Landscape

    During recent years, much has changed within the landscape of New Zealand’s original David Reid Homes franchise. David Reid Homes Canterbury was established some 24 years ago, and the 2011 earthquake changed the region in ways it hadn’t been changed before. We caught up with franchise director Chris Swann, and general manager Chris Solly about their work.

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  • Athena Contro RH.JPG (1)

    25 May 2017

    Bold Statements with New Bathrooms

    In recent new-build trends, the bathroom has come to be valued as a feature space, rather than the standard service room of generations past. We caught up with Athena Bathrooms' business development manager about what is trending when it comes to the bathroom.

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  • OD1.jpg

    16 May 2017

    Catch Up with Long Time DRH Director Martin Wiltshire

    We caught up with David Reid Homes North Shore-Rodney director Martin Wiltshire for some insight into why he loves what he does, and what his franchise can offer clients.

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  • 1461199077122 (2).jpg

    04 May 2017

    Building Lifestyle Homes to Suit Your Life

    Planning a home to suit your lifestyle can be a gradual process, one which changes as your family grows, when work commitments change, or when children leave home. With builders across New Zealand, David Reid Homes has designed and built lifestyle homes to meet the needs of people from all walks of life, catering to thousands of different people’s tastes and way of life.

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  • energy-efficient-joinery.jpg

    26 Apr 2017

    The Evolution of Exterior Joinery

    When it comes to building a home, exterior joinery plays a key role. Not only does it contribute to the functionality and aesthetic of a home, it can significantly determine how energy efficient a building is.

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  • AD - 2 Kanuka Close-6.jpg

    11 Apr 2017

    Building to Fit with the Landscape

    The latest David Reid Homes Wellington showhome was designed especially for the site it's built on. The new home strikes a perfect balance between style and functionality, fits into its surroundings, and is perfect for year-round entertaining.

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  • DRH-Whitianga-Show-Home-0001brightgrass.jpg

    13 Mar 2017

    Home Design and Build Trends

    Gable roof-lines are making a come-back on modern homes, while people opt for comfort and energy efficiency in new home design and builds.

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