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When building a home in New Zealand, you need to deal with a builder that understands the uniqueness of our beautiful terrain, stunning scenery and of course our climate.

To help you to become as informed as possible about your journey, and of course to keep up with the latest in our network and the building industry, we’ve developed a quiet place for you to enjoy perusing articles we’ve published. These touch on the latest in design advice, innovation and inspiration, building tips and advice, and of course some case studies which we hope will get you excited about your home building journey with David Reid Homes… so pull up a chair, grab a coffee and enjoy!

  1. Why Choose a Custom Build?

    Richard Copland from David Reid Homes Dunedin explains that their bespoke custom homes are tailored for you, led by you. Each custom build is completely different, and the uniqueness of a custom design means your home will be created to suit your needs and desires, with the knowledge and experience of a dedicated team.
  2. Home Build Trends with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    David Reid Homes franchise owner Fraser Mackenzie talks about build and design trends, and how his experience has taught him how to spot the innovation, and where to choose tradition over trend.
  3. The Myth of a Custom Home Build with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    Fraser Mackenzie from David Reid Homes Queenstown debunks the myth that custom build homes are more expensive. The difference, he explains, is the time and experience that David Reid Homes brings to the table that makes your custom build a higher quality, more long term and sustainable home that is tailored for you.
  4. Keeping On Budget with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    Fraser Mackenzie from David Reid Homes Queenstown explains the different factors that contribute to the budget of a custom build home. Communication is key, and by having the conversation about budget early on, the team can work together with you to create the custom build of your design.
  5. Client Relationships with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    Fraser Mackenzie talks about the importance of a strong relationship between client, his team and himself. These relationships are integral to the success of a custom home build, and often will continue further than the completion of the home and into future projects and opportunities for both client and his team.
  6. Talking Budget with David Reid Homes Waitaki

    Aaron and Nikki from the David Reid Homes Waitaki, Franchise explain their process of outlining budget from the beginning and being hands on throughout the build process to ensure your budget is maintained.
  7. Answering your Questions with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    David Reid Homes Queenstown franchisee, Fraser Mackenzie, explains how himself and his team are dedicated to helping you understand the entire build process, and answering any questions that may arise to ensure the smooth completion of your new custom designed home.
  8. Why David Reid Homes?

    Chris Leith from David Reid Homes Wanaka explains why choosing to build with their experienced team is the best decision for bringing your custom build to life. Their dedication to completing your new custom build to the highest standard means you can be as involved as you like, knowing that your new home is in safe, inspired hands.
  9. The Value of Experience with David Reid Homes Wanaka

    Chris Leith heads up the David Reid Homes franchise down south in Wanaka, New Zealand. Chris brings with him years of experience in the building industry, giving him the invaluable knowledge and understanding of the build process on site and off site.
  10. Energy Efficiency with David Reid Homes Wanaka

    Energy efficiency in our homes is a top priority for for creating any custom build. Keeping up to date with new procedures and the best fittings, partnered with the years of experience our team brings in the field, means your home is built with the best sustainable practices in place to ensure your home is energy efficient.