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When building a home in New Zealand, you need to deal with a builder that understands the uniqueness of our beautiful terrain, stunning scenery and of course our climate.

To help you to become as informed as possible about your journey, and of course to keep up with the latest in our network and the building industry, we’ve developed a quiet place for you to enjoy perusing articles we’ve published. These touch on the latest in design advice, innovation and inspiration, building tips and advice, and of course some case studies which we hope will get you excited about your home building journey with David Reid Homes… so pull up a chair, grab a coffee and enjoy!

  1. Athena Contro RH.JPG (1)

    Bold Statements with New Bathrooms

    In recent new-build trends, the bathroom has come to be valued as a feature space, rather than the standard service room of generations past. We caught up with Athena Bathrooms' business development manager about what is trending when it comes to the bathroom.
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    Building Lifestyle Homes to Suit Your Life

    Planning a home to suit your lifestyle can be a gradual process, one which changes as your family grows, when work commitments change, or when children leave home. With builders across New Zealand, David Reid Homes has designed and built lifestyle homes to meet the needs of people from all walks of life, catering to thousands of different people’s tastes and way of life.
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    Building to Fit with the Landscape

    The latest David Reid Homes Wellington showhome was designed especially for the site it's built on. The new home strikes a perfect balance between style and functionality, fits into its surroundings, and is perfect for year-round entertaining.
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  4. 15- Dulux Entwine.jpg

    Dulux 2017 Colour Trends

    The colour scheme selected for a home can be one of the biggest decisions there is to make when it comes to building, renovating, and redecorating. Dulux has put together four key colour themes, motivated by a desire to combat the modern challenges faced in the digital world we live in.
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    Bathroom Trends for 2017

    The bathroom can be one of the most luxurious and relaxing spaces in the home. The key to creating the perfect oasis lies in striking the balance between colours, textures and lighting.
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    Selecting a Home from the Plan

    Options can be endless when it comes to building a home, but it doesn't have to be difficult. With David Reid Homes, creating your dream home can be as simple or complex as you'd like it to be.
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    9 Tips For a Chic, Pet Friendly Home

    New Zealand is a nation of pet lovers, but our home design doesn’t have to go to the dogs. Follow these smart tips from our builders and suppliers to create a pet-friendly home that doesn’t sacrifice style and comfort.
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    Home Cladding Trends 2016

    Multi-clad residential builds are on the rise, with darker colours being used to provide additional contrast and create a dramatic effect for enhanced streetscape design.
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