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What’s Hot In Home Heating

Considering installing a fire or updating your current fire or heating situation?


A sleek, modern outdoor gas fire for entertaining and ambience

Not all heating sources are created equal and developments in both wood and gas fires has seen design, functionality and efficiency change dramatically.

At David Reid Homes we understand there are a million and one decisions to make when embarking on your home design and build project, which is why we partner with the top industry experts to get you the most up-to-date information to ensure your home is right for you.

Jason Hague-Smith from Wellington Fireplace has been installing home heating solutions for 24 years, and chatted to us about some of the latests trends.

The series of serious floods, earthquakes, storms and power cuts to hit the country over the past few years has seen a significant shift towards self-sustainability, and people are increasingly asking for freestanding wood fires that have the ability to heat water and food on top, says Jason.


Double-sided and corner fireplaces have become increasingly popular in recent years

Generally people are more aware, they’re asking more questions and prepared to spend a bit more money on a more efficient fire to reduce the cost of heating their home long term.

Jason says they’ve also noticed an increase of people asking for coloured fires rather than the standard black unit, and now stock a wide range of different fires with coloured panels so you can have almost any colour you wish – from silvers, to greens, reds, blues and oranges.

In the high end of fireplaces, there’s been a noticeable shift towards highly efficient gas fires in the landscape look, says Jason.  Again, people are requesting units that will continue to run even in event of a power cut.

Wellington Fireplace has got one of the largest range of home heating solutions in the country, including gas fires that automatically switch to batteries in event of a power cut, or full gas with a battery ignition system.


Extend the comfort of your living area to the outdoors with a warming outdoor feature fire

There’s a significant difference between modern gas fires, and contemporary designs, he says.

Ten-fifteen years ago, there was very little interest in gas fires, but in the past two-three years interest has picked up as more attractive, highly efficient gas fires have come onto the market.

The black or silver box look is no longer the norm, and there are some funky products available now, including two-sided fires, hanging, rotating fires, glass topped and invisible flued fires that won’t impact the view.  Gas fire technology  is advancing fast with fires that can be turned on and controlled by your cellphone or computer – a must for the tech buffs who love the wow but also the practical use of these fireplaces.

There’s also been a shift towards enhancing outdoor living areas with outdoor fireplaces – a result of people suddenly realising it’s not particularly tropical in New Zealand, says Jason.

Feature gas fires, plus gas fires that double as a barbecue are popular, as well as wood fires ranging from a fire pit, to charcoal for cooking on and pizza ovens.

Next week, we answer some common questions around choosing the home heating solution that’s right for you.

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