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Tips for Making the Most of Your Laundry

Your laundry is usually the last place you think of when designing or renovating a home. However it plays a big role in our day to day activities and therefore needs to be functional and unobtrusive.

Compact laundries get the job done in a fraction of the space and are ideal for smaller homes, apartments and families. However they can easily get cluttered. Don’t suffer in your tiny space! With a few tips and tricks, you can transform your cramped clothes-cleaning quarters and make the most of your laundry. 

  • If you have the room height, a suspended laundry rack is ideal for fully utilising spare ceiling space. Not only does it get the drying laundry out of the way, it also takes advantage of the warmer air that rises, making it an easier and faster way to dry your clothes.
  • We all love to have a laundry basket handy that we can dump dirty clothes in but these can be a bit of an eyesore and can take up space in an already cramped area. Pull-out hampers are perfect for easy dumping and sorting of clothes and store away easily. 
  • Next time you’re in the market for a new washing machine, consider a front-loading appliance. These allow for more bench space and are more water-efficient.
  • When building or renovating your laundry area, consider building storage all the way to the ceiling to maximise the use of your space. With multiple shelves you should be able to store all of your towels and sheets for your home.
  • Smaller rooms can seem a little restricted so consider some design elements that make the space feel larger. Mirrored splash-backs give the illusion of a larger room as well as glossy, reflective coatings on cupboards and doors.
  • Ironing: Not everyone’s favourite job but no one wants to head out with a wrinkled shirt, so where to put the ironing board? These can often be clunky and hard to store so consider a pull-out or pull-down ironing board in your laundry area. Once you install the right mechanism and attach the board, it takes up minimal space.
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