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Should You Build or Buy a Home? 8 Reasons to Build

Should You Build or Buy a Home?A brand new custom designed home is a big ticket item you don’t get to tick off every year, but if a move is on the cards for you and your family in 2019, should you build or buy a home is possibly a topic of interest for you. And if building from scratch is an option, we'd suggest it’s definitely worth considering.

Here are 8 reasons building a new home is a good option over buying a new home in the current New Zealand housing market.

Invest in something you actually want: Avoid spending millions just to settle for an old home which doesn’t quite tick all the right boxes. Select your perfect site, or even remain on your existing section and build a brand new, purpose built and luxurious home. It will do everything an existing home doesn’t - cashing in on all day sun, maximising energy efficiency and providing purpose built living, sleeping and bathroom areas for each member of the family.

Fixed Price Homes: Engaging an expert design and build company which works closely with specialist architects to design your perfect home means you can fix the price of your build, while also ensuring it’s going to feature everything you dream of.

Leave your mark: Building a new home is one way to leave your mark on the landscape of your town. Ever wondered who designed the home you’re living in at the moment? Well, we bet they would’ve started just the way you are now: with a dream. Realise the dream and leave your mark on your favourite New Zealand town or city with a custom design and build.

Connect your home: Keep up with the modern world. Our entire lives can seemingly now be managed online, including our homes. Bring your home into the 21st century with all the latest tech and control your home temperature, security, and even power points from wherever you may be.

Should You Build or Buy a Home? 8 Reasons to BuildUp your building standards: Just as home design ideals have changed since we began building homes in New Zealand, so too have our building standards. At David Reid Homes, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the minimum building standards wherever we can, resulting in warm, dry, non-leaky homes.

Cater for all needs: Meet the exact needs of yourself and your family by designing a functional home that works for you. With careful planning and consideration, this can be done for the same price as buying an existing home in a competitive and pricey market.

Design to fit your style: Ever noticed how all the latest homewares just don’t quite look right in your existing home? Designing and building a new one means you can choose colours and styles which are going to fit perfectly with your personal style.

Save the stress of renovations: Let's face it; it’s pretty rare to walk into an open home and love every single aspect of it. Thoughts like “we’ll just get rid of this wall here”, or “we’ll just pop a bi-fold door in there” are to be expected when the home hasn’t been designed specifically with your tastes in mind. Save the hassle of renovating by designing and building from scratch, knowing you’re getting exactly what you want.

Should you build or buy a home? At David Reid Homes, we understand people have concerns about the cost of their build, or potential hidden costs, however with our fixed-price contract, we can guarantee the cost of your build before picking up a hammer. Keep that in mind when weighing up your options, and we wish you all the best with your exciting journey ahead.

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