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Quality and Affordability Achieved with David Reid Homes Medium Density House Builds

With rental costs towering above the costs of owning in some city suburbs and beyond, these costs have been keeping the keys of property ownership out of the hands of many people, however, medium-density houses and their somewhat comprehensive developments consisting of four or more dwellings including: stand-alone, semi-detached, apartments or terraced housing within a building of four storeys or less mean home buyers are quickly becoming aware that they have more affordable choices within the New Zealand housing market.

In an attempt to avoid depriving New Zealanders of the opportunity to own their own home, city councillors in locations such as Lower Hutt are looking at current planning rules to reposition cities, making it easier to build infill and terraced housing and multi storey buildings. This revised plan will provide the ideal outcome of side-stepping the sky rocketing house price situation and housing shortages seen in other New Zealand cities, enabling housing supply to meet demand for those who wish to live, grow and raise a family in their own home.

Brett Christie, Director and medium-density living specialist for David Reid Homes Auckland, who has a wealth of experience in complex projects with a focus on medium density housing solutions mentioned “despite the premium products that David Reid Homes are well known for delivering, under the new development rules in Auckland, there is still a requirement to build a percentage of “affordable houses”.

Brett Christie says “to fulfil this requirement for affordable houses we have been able to use the relationships we have with our existing supplier and sub-contractor networks who work closely with us, using the expert design techniques that David Reid Homes are renowned for, to enable people to afford a high spec yet more affordable home, still wearing the reputation of the David Reid Homes brand that is incorporated into the terracing and duplex houses we build”.

Brett also mentioned “Our business is also doing multi-unit developments in popular and well established suburbs and that has been able to show how David Reid Homes can raise the standard of terrace houses in sought after locations such as Howick, Remuera and Herne Bay to name a few”.  These unique medium-density houses all align with the well known high standards of David Reid Homes and yet, are providing medium density houses to the market that are more saleable within their locations, due to the efficiency of the build.

David Reid Homes have worked hard to build expertise in this niche area of the market with medium-density homes that few traditional  home builders are familiar with and are proud to be contributing towards the need for affordable medium-density homes using David Reid Homes uncompromised premium high quality standards, for home buyers.

If you’d like more information on how medium-density living can suit you and your lifestyle, contact Brett or your nearest David Reid Homes Franchisee.

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