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Home Design and Build Trends for 2019

01/02/2019 By David Reid Homes

Home design and build trends for 2019The new year has dawned, and as with every year, home design trends continue to change to fit our evolving lifestyles. So what can we expect to see in terms of home design and build in 2019? We’ve popped just a few of our predictions below:

Natural Materials
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Cedar is in. Perhaps a reflection of the modern homeowner’s desire to switch off from machines and technology and to get back to nature, we’re seeing more and more clients go back to basics with their choices for exterior cladding - opting for materials like rough sawn timbers and concrete tilt panels. David Reid Homes has completed many recent builds using two or even three different cladding types to strike the balance between creating a modern home, while also getting back to basics.

David Reid Homes has long been an advocate of sustainable living, placing emphasis on using high quality products which will, in the long run, reduce the impact of your day to day living on the planet (and your wallet). Now, with the rise of awareness and action, including the banning of single use plastic bags, the increase in BYO ‘keep cups’ in cafés and even in electric cars, it seems this trend is growing, and we’re super excited about it. Our franchisees have a HEAP of ideas and initiatives to increase the sustainability of your home, so be sure to mention your sustainability goals when discussing your initial plans with them.

Swimming Pools
Perhaps a timely trend with the heat we’ve been experiencing this summer, swimming pools are on the rise as a must-have for a new home build. David Reid Homes Wellington and Kapiti director Tim Sunderland says that despite only doing two or three pools throughout the last 14 years, they now have five projects with swimming pools on the go. And as we’re being told to expect similar heat waves moving forward, we expect the trend for swimming pools to grow too!

Colour Home design and build trends for 2019 NZ
Similarly to the trend we’re seeing toward natural products in homes, the Dulux Colour forecast for 2019, Filter, is built around the way we ‘edit and curate’ the world around us each day, with a focus on “filtering” out the increasing notifications and online “noise” from our lives.

“With our smart devices fired up and technology working at full capacity, it can be hard to find a break between all the updates, reminders and invitations,” the forecast says.

Filter is comprised of four different palettes; Repair (pictured left), Wholeself, Legacy and Identity - each with its own purpose - to Repair our connection with nature; to establish rituals of wellness to restore one's Wholeself; to create a Legacy of eclectic elegance; and to build a bold and spirited Identity. The collective palette strikes a balance between bright, saturated tones and paler notes, paired with a mix of upcycled and modern furniture.

Despite the bid to get back to basics and strike that elusive balance everybody seems to be after - that perfect work and home life play off - technology is becoming an increasingly sought after aspect of a home, enabling owners to automate and integrate their homes with their other smart devices. In case you missed it, PDL Schneider gave us a great insight into the smart home ‘must-haves’ just prior to Christmas. Check it out here.

At David Reid Homes, you have all the freedom you like to plan your home to fit with, or go against the latest trends. Talk to your nearest franchisee to discuss planning a home which fits perfectly with your own vision.

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