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Medium Density Residential Specialist Joins David Reid Homes

Medium Density residential housing development Auckland, New ZealandDavid Reid Homes has welcomed a new member to the team to head our Auckland Central Franchise, which will specialise in Medium Density residential development.

With a background in structural engineering, Brett Christie brings something a little different to the company, with vast experience managing commercial projects.

“I bring a very different skill set to what [David Reid Homes] are used to seeing … for me to add value it needs to be more complex, and medium density is by nature more complex,” he says.

In New Zealand, medium density housing generally consists of comprehensive developments, including four or more dwellings with an average density of less than 350 square metres per unit.

The commercial nature of medium density residential builds is something Brett thrives upon, drawing on the project management skills he’s picked up while managing a range of commercial projects in Auckland and surrounding areas, and previously in Canterbury.

“Dealing with people is the thing I like the most, and that’s where I think it’s going to work the best. Dealing with multiple parties involved in a commercial project; that’s where the excitement comes in for me,” Brett says.

His work has included repairs to earthquake damaged buildings, as well as complete new commercial builds, including the Kmart Development at Bethlehem Town Centre.

Brett’s engineering background has given him the ability to find solutions for complex situations; something he sees as an advantage going forward.

“Medium Density housing projects can be more complicated both logistically and physically due to the interaction with surrounding sites and where the sites
themselves are tight or steep. My experience in providing solutions to complex issues is where I will add value for David Reid Homes.”

While his work is different to traditional luxury residential builds by the company, Brett has a history of achieving high quality work, and brings that with him to his new role.

“David Reid Homes has a very good reputation; I really want to maintain that brand image.”

A true project manager, Brett’s hands are also kept full outside of work, spending time with his young family, and even coaching Les Mills Gym classes.

“I’m a naturally energetic person, who thrives under pressure.

“I think building a new David Reid Franchise in Auckland and building medium dense housing projects will ensure my energy is put to good use,” he says.

To find out more about Brett’s work, or what he can do for you, contact him here.


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