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Medium Density the Way of the Future

Abercrombie Mews Housing Development Auckland New ZealandProperty specialists and economists are predicting a move toward compact living in New Zealand as Kiwis look to maximise the available space for convenient living.

David Reid Homes Auckland director and medium-density living specialist Brett Christie says smaller homes allow affordable living that is both high quality and close to public amenities.

This, in turn, eases pressure on the region’s roads and public transport systems and contributes toward a more environmentally friendly future. 

“Medium-density becomes a better option for those first home buyers because you can reduce the land price and bring the total property price down,” Brett says.

“It also allows them to be in town and be a part of the action; they’re a $10 Uber from the Auckland city and that becomes such an important and integral part of it.”

A range of lifestyle changes, including smaller families, starting families later and a desire for low-maintenance living has also contributed to the rise of compact homes, Brett says.

“Family sizes are shrinking a touch and definitely kicking in a bit later, and that fits a smaller, more compact city centre lifestyle rather than a big piece of land.”

Interior of a home in the medium density housing development of Abercrombie Mews in Howick, AucklandThe advantage of medium-density housing as opposed to high-density housing, such as apartments, is that medium-density houses, like duplexes and terraced houses are just a more compact version of a traditional Kiwi Home, Brett says.

“Instead of spreading out a 200m2 house on a single storey on a large piece of land, we build that 200m2 upwards in two or three storeys. This allows for greater utilisation of the land, but still provides a good size home, with your own front door and your own outdoor area,” he says.

Brett and his team have recently developed seven terraced townhouses in the popular suburb of Howick, Auckland, on a large section which was previously home to just one house. 

The new homes have four bedrooms, internal garaging, an internal lift and offer low maintenance, easy-care living just minutes from Howick Village.

They offer two-floor plans to choose from, each between 190m2 and 250m2.

“Terraced houses don’t have to be small, it’s about the best utilisation of the land,” Brett says.

Despite their rise of medium-density living, home buyers will still have the option of the traditional Kiwi Lifestyle in areas further from the city centre, Brett says.

If you’d like more information about medium-density living, contact Brett or your nearest David Reid Homes Franchisee.


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