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Is Now the Time to Build your Home in New Zealand?

On June 8th 2020 New Zealand officially had no active cases of Covid-19. This coupled with the management of the pandemic in New Zealand meant that many of the restrictions imposed because of Covid19 could be relaxed. In short, this meant routines and life within New Zealand could begin to become even more normal, including allowing sporting events, bars and other events with large numbers of people gather to go ahead unhindered.

New Zealand has a number of factors going for it that make it advantageous as a location to move home to when compared to other countries around the world. Some of these include strict border protection measures, being an island nation, excellent health-care and welfare systems, desirable urban locations throughout the country. 

It is not surprising to see reported commentary from a number of property-related industries about an increase in interest from ex-pats return home to New Zealand. This has led to an increase in property sales and building enquiries to kiwis based overseas.

One of the options many ex-pats are considering when they do make the move back home is to build new. This is often driven out of a desire to have a high level of personalisation and specification including warmth and insulation that is not always as common in second-hand housing. Additionally, a new home typically has a much lower maintenance requirement, and is much more efficient to run.

Of course, building remotely means you will want to engage with a company that understands what it means to design a home to suit the site it is on and the environment it is in to maximise the variety of amazing views and climates that New Zealand’s unique environment provides. 

David Reid Homes have been building custom homes throughout New Zealand for New Zealanders and overseas residents for almost 30 years and are experienced builders - evident in the many beautiful and unique homes we have produced, and the multiple awards we have won.

As a nationwide builder, we have an established design and build process and operational systems that makes the design and build process a pleasure. The increasing number of homes being built for overseas clients means our focus is on continual improvement in our systems and processes to provide a high service level, all while keeping a close eye on quality and attention to detail.

Some of the services we offer to make your custom home build process as easy as possible include:

• Assistance to find land through our local contacts or existing Home and Land Packages

• Design aesthetic to suit your lifestyle and New Zealand conditions
• Complete project management from design to completion 

• Full access to the progress of your project through our web portal, including a smartphone App

• Nationwide coverage, we likely operate in the location you want to live including some of New Zealand’s most stunning scenic locations

• Industry-leading Build Guarantees for peace of mind

What do our past clients tell us? 

“We were building remotely so we needed a building company that was professional and that we could rely on… from our very first meeting we knew they were the right company to build our new home” 

“We felt the whole project went so smoothly- right from the start. The suggestions and guidance shared with us made our home surpass our expectations”

Visit your local franchise page to find out more about them, see some of the many homes they've built and start your returning-home build journey.




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