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How to Landscape Your New Build Sustainably

In this blog, the third part in our sustainability series, we’ll go through the what, where and why of our recommendations for landscaping around your home to ensure every step in your custom design build is sustainable and efficient, right down to the final one. 

And finally, to wrap up our sustainability series, we’ll also show you some of our very own builds which have successfully carried out a sustainable custom design build from start to finish.

What is Sustainable Landscaping?

  • A sustainable landscape is designed to be both attractive and in balance with the local climate and environment, and ideally require minimal resource inputs.
  • Considering how your landscaping can contribute to the sustainability of your home by making allowances for vegetable gardens and fruit trees if appropriate, and composting of kitchen waste. 

Where to Plant Sustainably: 

  • Plan and consider your planting and landscaping, and how it will grow with you in your new build. Insulation and privacy are both factors that develop over time, so planning and thinking forward is essential to ensuring you’re choosing the right species and location for different plants.
  • Plant and landscape for shade, insulation and privacy which are factors that as time progresses add to the ambiance of your home, its environment and even your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces

Why Landscape Sustainably?

  • Consideration should be given to the reduction of water use in landscaping, native plant selections, selection of shade trees and wind breaks.
  • Choosing plants and trees which require less water to survive is a great way to cut down your overall water usage as a home. Additionally you can maximise the use of permeable ground surfaces to minimise the run-off of stormwater, or you can divert the water back to watering your plants. 

Our Sustainable Homes - Ferndale, Kapiti:

The David Reid Homes Wellington and Kapiti team have built a number of highly rated eco-homes in the subdivision of Ferndale on the Kapiti Coast. When Ferndale was developed, there was significant consideration put into retaining the original land contours, and respect for the natural environment. Furthermore, all of the homes in the development have been built responsibly, with respect and care for the environment. Here are some of the David Reid Homes in the development:

This feature home has high specification wall, floor and ceiling insulation, Low E double glazing, a grey water system, plus a 25,000 litre storage tank and LED lighting throughout.

Ferndale, Kapiti | David Reid Homes

The interior of this feature home is flooded with natural light to maximise thermal efficiency, furthermore, the polished concrete floors luxuriate in solar gain for reduced reliance and a healthier home:

Ferndale, Kapiti | David Reid Homes

This feature home has an impressive 7 Homestar Rating:

Ferndale, Kapiti Feature Home | David Reid Homes

    See all of the homes in the Ferndale, Kapiti development here.


    And that’s a wrap on our thee part sustainability series - we hope you’ve been inspired to incorporate some of our suggestions into your new custom design build! If you missed part one and part two, make sure you give them a read as well!

    As always, get in touch with your local David Reid Homes team to have a chat about how we can help you on your build journey of your dream home to be more sustainable.

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