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Designed for You | Discover the David Reid Homes House Plan Range


Perfect for the modern, social entertainer. Designed with open-plan and generously proportioned living areas, these homes are ideal for those who enjoy hosting dinner parties, or having friends over to watch the game.

These homes are designed with striking visual aesthetics, complete with a gabled roof, stunning use of natural materials, including wooden cladding, and a truly modern silhouette. 

Many of our Discovery plans are designed to fit perfectly onto more narrow sections, perfect for the urban lifestyle and subdivisions alike, however, as with all David Reid Homes builds, we can work with you to design a home perfect for your desired section. 

Our Discovery 293 Plan was adapted hour our Hanley's Farm Show Home | David Reid Homes

Pictured: Discovery 293 Plan - see how this plan was customised in our Hanley’s Farm, Queenstown show home.


Modern, clean lines and a fresh approach to easy living. These homes are designed to fit with the modern urban environment, and is David Reid Homes’ take on modern home plans. 

This style has a range of global influences, refined to the new urban landscape in New Zealand, perfect for those who want an innovative and up-to-date backdrop for their lifestyle. 

Our Contemporary 9 House Plan | David Reid Homes


Our Fusion line is perfect for those who want bang for their buck. These plans are simple and functional, and don’t compromise on style. 

Mostly 3 bed, 2 bath, our plans have a variety of layouts to suit your lifestyle and needs. The clever internal layouts make the most of space, and the exteriors are a fusion of modern elements and functional living.

Wanaka Feature Home | David Reid Homes

Pictured: Fusion 191 plan - see how this plan was customised in one of our Wanaka feature homes.


These homes are designed to make the most of limited space on compact sites that demand a solution combining convenience of a modern home and aesthetic appeal on a reduced footprint. 

They encompass accessibility, functionality, versatility and comfort, without compromising on high quality detailing and design. The Prime range makes clever use of space for comfortable yet compact living.

Our Prime 2 House Plan | David Reid Homes


These homes are generously proportioned and well suited to those who want a high level of functionality in their build. They are readily and easily adaptable to any kind of home, whether than be a beach home, beach, rural estate or urban section. 

Lifestyle homes have contemporary designs, are enduring and refined, and are quietly understated elegance and luxury. 

Our Lifestyle 4 House Plan | David Reid Homes


Our Heritage plans are timeless in design and tailored specifically for those who love traditional features and the finish of a classic architectural style.

They are the epitome of strength, sophistication and durability. Finished with natural timber and stone, these homes ooze permanence and elegance, sure to leave a lasting legacy.

Our Heritage 4 House Plan | David Reid Homes


A pavilion style home is essentially what it sounds like; a series of connected wings (pavilions) that make up the home. This style offers the benefits of privacy and space, whilst maintaining an intimate connection to the landscape.

Additionally, a pavilion style house offers unique customisability, with variations in the number of pavilions, facing aspect, and allows for additions to be easily made to keep up with your changing lifestyle if needed.

Our Pavilion 6 Plan was adapted for this Ferndale, Kapiti feature home | David Reid Homes

Pictured: Pavilion 6 plan - see how this was customised in one of our Ferndale, Kapiti feature homes. 


The mainland range is designed specifically for those who want the perfect blend of modern living in an efficient package. By efficient package we mean that homes in the Mainland range are cost effective to build, can easily be modified and customised to suit your needs, and can easily fit on a variety of sites. 

As with all David Reid builds, these homes are fitted with the highest quality modern design features and finishes. 

Our Mainland 224 House Plan | David Reid Homes

No matter where you are in life, or where you’re going, David Reid Homes is sure to have a house plan that is the perfect start for you on your custom home build journey. As always, feel free to reach out to your local franchisee to discuss how we can make your dream home a reality. 


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