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David Reid Homes Peak to Peak Queenstown

David Reid Homes Peak to Peak is a stunningly scenic one-day multi-sport challenge held in Queenstown that challenges competitors to test both their physical and mental strength. David Reid Homes is proud to be the title sponsor of this event, and look forward to seeing all athletes out there doing their best this year. With entries closing in just under 4 weeks on the 8th of September, now is the time to secure your spot in this challenging but equally rewarding event.

David Reid Homes Peak to Peak Queenstown is the longest running winter multi-sport race in New Zealand, with competitors racing the 5 iconic stages of the race every year since 1994. The scenic race can be tackled individually, by tandem or in a relay team, offering options for all levels of fitness.

Located in arguably one of the most scenic regions of New Zealand, the race begins at The Remarkables mountain range with a set ski or snowboard course through Curvey Basin, finishing at the base building. From there, stage 2 sees competitors ride a huge bike descent down The Remarkable Access Road, across the Kawarau River on to Frankton Beach. Next up is a kayak leg that takes competitors from Frankton Beach into Queenstown Bay, and ultimately to Queenstown Beach. Stage 4 consists of a run through central Queenstown, across the Shotover River and on to Arthurs Point. Then comes the 5th and final stage. Back on the bike, competitors will complete a scintillating and challenging incline from Arthurs Point to Coronet Peak where they will have completed the Peak to Peak race.

" Standing on the start line at the Remarkables and being able to see the finish line in the distance on Coronet Peak may seem daunting, but creates a sense of determination to complete the course. This is a good race to enter if you are keen to get into multisports. Men and women at all levels of fitness will be able to give it a go. " - Geoff Hunt, Race Creator


If you’re intrigued by the sound of this race but not sure where to start, Steve Gurney has some tips for those looking to compete in Peak to Peak. Steve is a New Zealand multi-sport and triathlon athlete who has won the Coast to Coast nine times, so it’s more than fitting he would have some valuable tips for Peak to Peak competitors. When choosing your kayak for example, he explains it is important to factor in the wind. If the weather is looking to be windy make sure to choose a sturdy sea kayak for this leg of the race. Another good general tip from the triathlete is about layering and what to wear for the duration of the race. From experience, Steve finds wind chill to be the biggest factor for cold on the ski and bike legs of the race. He advises 2 polypro tops with a nylon jacket over top works along with lycra tights, noting that 'some folks wear bike shorts, but I shudder at the thought of the ice burns on my bare skin if I crash'. Steve also recommends the use of hats and arm warmers, as they are easy to remove as you warm up. As a general rule of thumb, he says you want to be chilly on the chairlift up to the race start, but not shivering.

The race takes place on the 11th of September this year, with the race starting at 1pm sharp. The fastest competitors and teams will begin to arrive at the finish line at Coronet Peak around 3:15pm, continuing through to 5:15pm when the course closes. A prize giving ceremony will be held at 4:40pm announcing spot prizes, and congratulating all involved on completing the challenging race. Here at David Reid Homes we can’t wait to see all the competitors toughing it out in this iconic race, and wish everyone a safe race, great strength and good luck!

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