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Certainty in Uncertain Times

During our recent Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown period there has been much discussion and opinion in the media around the impact on various components of our economy, as well as the economic impact on New Zealand.

The highly anticipated shift from Level 4 to Level 3 is now pending and many businesses, including New Zealand’s $40 billion construction sector, are now preparing for a start that includes strict hygiene measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.
David Reid Homes has many construction sites across New Zealand, and you can be sure that if yours is one of those, then our teams will be back at work on them as soon as possible, albeit under new circumstances. But what does construction look like under Alert Level 3?

The construction industry as a whole has put together a new standard to help control the spread of Covid-19 on construction sites. David Reid Homes will likewise be putting protocols in place for their sites, based on guidelines from Registered Master Builders and our Health & Safety provider, HazardCo.

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, the New Zealand housing and construction sector was in a strong position, with ongoing demand a reflection of New Zealand’s strong economy as a whole. Now in these times of economic uncertainty, we as consumers draw comfort from the stability of the businesses we rely on to provide for our everyday needs. Think about how during lockdown the reliance we all had on our local supermarket, petrol station and corner store.

As our lives start to move in a controlled way towards a new sense of normal, we will continue to draw comfort from stable businesses that have weathered this event and will continue to provide for our needs. One such need we all hold dearly is the home we live in.

During lockdown we all spent more time at home than we normally would have, and may well have found ourselves dreaming about what our ideal home might look like, maybe the layout, the style and the way it could function for our family in the future. We may then have started thinking about who we want to help us realise these dreams.

David Reid Homes provides stability in a building company for several reasons. These include: 

- Our franchise operators are amongst some of the most experienced having built hundreds of homes and weathered past economic downturns. It is their long term relationships with loyal suppliers and quality focused contractors that share the attention to detail required in a David Reid home.   

- The National David Reid Homes business has been around for 30 years and is led by a team of industry professionals who are supporting and guiding the David Reid Homes group.

- The National David Reid Homes business offers clients a David Reid Homes extended guarantee that, when backed with the Master Builders guarantee, gives clients the confidence that no matter what happens their building project will always be finished.

This is a suite of guarantees unmatched by others in the industry. When the dust settles and we position ourselves for the new normal you can be confident David Reid Homes will be there to bring your dream home to reality.

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