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Water Heating Upgrades from Rheem

Hot water heating accounts for around a third of New Zealand household energy bills, so using less hot water or choosing energy efficient hot water systems has a big impact on your energy bills.

Rheem is New Zealand’s leading water heater manufacturer, and has a great range of products, including hot water cylinder technology, gas continuous flow, heat pump & solar water heating, and boiling and chilled water products, to help lower your energy use without compromising on convenience.

This week on the blog, Rheem update us on some of the recent upgrades to their water heating products, which increase efficiency and their impact on the environment.

Environmental Upgrade to the Rheem Electric Hot Water Cylinder

A recent change to the manufacturing process on site in Rheem’s Auckland factory is good news for the environment.  During construction of a hot water cylinder, a blowing agent is used to inject the insulation between the inner tank and the outer sleeve of the cylinder. Manufactured by Honeywell, the product is called SolsticeTM LBA Green. Solstice is exclusive to Rheem and is much better for environment having the lowest Global Warming Potential and zero Ozone Depleting Properties.

In partnership Rheem NZ and Solstice exceed New Zealand’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards and importantly costs you no more than other foams.

Save Money With Rheem’s Continuous Flow Gas Units

Rheem’s range of Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters are 6 Star Efficient, which is a feature that reduces water wasted at start up, saving users’ water charges by reducing the water flow through the unit until the heat exchanger is at temperature. And money saved on energy costs, means less impact on the environment - it’s a win win!

The Continuous Flow Gas Units come in four models for external installation – 16L, 20L, 24L and 27L.  It also comes in a 27L internal model that can be mounted in the roof space,  conveniently near the kitchen tap.

All Rheem Gas Continuous Flow products comply with legislative requirements (Gas and Electrical Certification Amendments 2013), for more information please visit the NZ Energy Safety website: www.energysafety.govt.nz

Rheem Underbench Instant Boiling and Chilled Water

These are available in two stylish tap designs which can be installed over the sink, or, the sink-free kit which can be installed in any location to suit your needs.

Energy saving features include a timer to turn the unit off and sleep mode which powers the unit down while not in use, and because it’s instant there’s no waiting for an overfilled jug to boil.

Importantly, both options have a built-in safety feature to reduce the risk to children, while remaining easy to use.

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