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Latest trends in design and build

From a shift towards barn architecture to an interest in sustainability, our builders from around the country share the three latest trends in home design and building.

Liveable outdoor areas 

Top of many people’s wish list is incorporating seamless indoor-outdoor flow, effectively increasing their living areas and maximising the use of space, says David Reid Homes Taupo director Mike Grove.

Modern outdoor areas are an extension of the more traditional patio, deck, or barbecue area,  but incorporate heating, cooling, windbreak and shading solutions to extend your day and the seasons, and the use of quality fixtures and fittings to ensure longevity, seamless flow and privacy, Mike says.

“Of course the concept of outdoor living is nothing new, but seamless flow between the kitchen, dining and living areas, extending to a covered area outside is starting to become the focal point of many people’s new homes.”

Barn architecture

Mono-pitch homes have been at the forefront of home design for several years now, but over the past six months, David Reid Homes Taupo building consultant Raewyn Mackie has noticed a swing towards more simple, single gable roofed houses.

“People with a real eye for design in its more simpler form, and keen for something a little different are asking for homes that hark back to barn-styled homes, and feature beautiful design elements such as extra-high stud, thick walls and an immense feeling of spaciousness,” says Raewyn.

Simpler to design and build, barn architecture can often be be more cost-efficient, she says.

“This style of home has probably always been popular in more rural areas, harking back to the old shearing sheds and the like, but increasingly we’re getting people coming in asking for homes more shed-like in design.”

Smart homes

Adequate ventilation and insulation are top of mind with most people looking to build, with a demand for warm, dry and healthy homes on the increase, says David Reid Homes Rotorua director Kerry Bird.

“The conversation around adequate insulation, ventilation and double glazing has reached an all-time high over the past few years, driven by the building code requirements for house insulation, and recognition that dry homes play a huge role in keeping our families healthy,” says Kerry.

David Reid Homes are leaders in building innovation to build sustainable and efficient homes, that maximize sun, natural light and passive ventilation to provide homeowners with the benefits of healthy, energy efficient homes.   Find out more about our sustainable building philosophy here, or download our sustainability ebook here.

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