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The Evolution of Exterior Joinery

From exterior joinery to energy efficient joinery

When it comes to building a home, exterior joinery plays a key role. Not only does it contribute to the functionality and aesthetic of a home, it can significantly determine how energy efficient a building is.

But exterior joinery hasn’t always been energy efficient

Historically, New Zealand homes were usually built using timber exterior joinery. But around 50 years ago, aluminium joinery was introduced for its versatility, strength and longevity. However, the material is a ready conductor of cold. So when national building requirements became more strict a decade ago, standard aluminium joinery with double glazing became mandatory to promote thermal efficiency.

The first wave of energy efficient joinery

As better insulation became a key customer focus, companies began improving the thermal properties of exterior joinery by releasing thermally broken aluminium product suites, such as the APL ThermalHEART range (picture inset).

Thermalheart exterior joinery


These products dramatically reduced the transfer of heat through the exterior joinery. But nowadays, we’re becoming more savvy and constantly on the lookout for the most energy efficient joinery to keep us warm in winter.

The new wave of energy efficient joinery

One of the new waves of energy efficient joinery suites on the market to date (with a WEERS Energy Star Rating of 6/6) is Klima uPVC doors and windows. The first from a major New Zealand supplier in the market, the range is adapted from the high-quality 76 Series by Kommerling, a leader in the Northern Hemisphere market.

Built specifically to withstand NZ’s extreme weather conditions, the series is made from a highly durable ‘hot country’ uPVC, which prevents discolouration from harsh sunlight. It also features hidden steel bracing within the frame, which maximises the joinery’s stability and meets the strength and code compliance for high wind zones.

Because the range is already rigorously tested to New Zealand Standards, and is designed to be installed to standard industry installation practices, all the hard work’s been done for you. So when our clients ask for the very best in energy efficient joinery, our premium recommendation is the Klima series. Not only does it provide the very best in home insulation, it also takes away the hassle of jumping through regulatory hoops because the frame has been designed to provide a normal path to weather-proofing compliance.

Picture below: Klima joinery, designed specifically for New Zealand's extreme weather conditions. 

Energy efficient joinery for homes


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