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Building Lifestyle Homes to Suit Your Life

Best lifestyle homes NZPlanning to build a lifestyle home to suit your life can be a gradual process, one which changes as your family grows, when work commitments change, or when children leave home.

With builders across New Zealand, David Reid Homes has designed and built lifestyle homes to meet the needs of people from all walks of life, catering to thousands of different people’s unique tastes and values.

With ever-evolving technologies allowing more people to work from home, some need houses which cater to work or business requirements, while others desire a haven in which they can unwind.

Gone are the days of settling in one spot for life. David Reid Homes Hawkes Bay director Brendan Williams has noticed an increase in people moving to the region from larger centres seeking a lifestyle-friendly change.

“We have a large number of clients moving from Auckland and Wellington to the Hawkes Bay looking for a more relaxed pace of life,” he says.

Many people are choosing to keep their city jobs and work remotely, while a lot of businesses are relocating to the region and bringing their employees with them.

In order to help his clients adjust to their new surroundings, Brendan and his team have been creating solutions which allow them to strike a work-life balance in their new lifestyle homes.

“We’re working with these clients to build homes which really help them make the most of their new lifestyle,” he says.

Lifestyle homes NZOther clients are building lifestyle homes just far enough from town that they can easily commute. And some are building a second house further afield, to be used as holiday homes or rented out until the owners are ready to make the move to their dream retirement spot.

Wherever the new build takes place, David Reid Homes has a knowledgeable local builder nearby to help clients with their moves.

“They know the area well, they know the ground conditions and about building in that community, that market, and they can come up with the right solution for you.”

Contact your nearest David Reid Homes office to see how they can help you create your dream home.

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