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Bold Statements with New Bathrooms

Smart bathroom designsIn recent new-build trends, the smart bathroom designs have come to be valued as a feature space, rather than the standard service room of generations past.

Athena Bathrooms Business Development Manager, Ross Jones, says bathroom designs which strike a balance between style and functionality are increasingly sought after.

Expectations have lifted from having a basic bathroom to creating a space where owners can express their style and personality, and there has also been a shift in mindset away from the family bathroom being the showcase, with more emphasis being placed on the ensuite.

“Ensuites are becoming larger and more luxurious, it’s becoming the homeowner's private sanctuary, where they can unwind and relax after a busy day,” Ross says.

Ross recommends planning bathroom spaces early on in a new build, allowing for any specific design features or requirements, and writing a ‘wish list’.

“Consider, ‘what are the things I really want in the bathroom’, and start from here,” he says.
“You also need to get the proportions right; in terms of product sizes, actual layout and functionality.”
A bath is still a must for most homes, particularly in terms of resale, Ross says. So smart bathroom designs tend to factor in long-term factors as well as short-term ones. 

Smart bathroom designs NZMany home builders are opting for a freestanding bath in their family bathroom, a popular choice in recent months being Athena’s Contro bath (pictured above).

“This is a new back to wall bath, designed to be pushed into a corner, maximising both space and style,” Ross says.

“With its stylish look and latest design features, it’s adding a modern twist to the otherwise conventional bath look, and sales are rocketing.”

People are paying a lot more attention to storage, particularly when wall hung vanities create the trade-off of reduced storage space.

“To counter the loss of storage space, mirror cabinets can be recessed into wall cavities,” Ross says.  

Athena are also seeing features like recesses in showers or over baths being incorporated into smart bathroom designs, adding useful storage and display spaces; and the use of storage towers, which are especially useful in smaller bathroom spaces.

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