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Bathroom Trends for 2017

Natural materials were key for the 2016 bathroom, as was minimalistic glass, splashes of colour and strategic mood lighting. 

This year, lighting, and where you put it, will remain important, as will colour, and textures will become key to any bathroom design.

Before you undergo any bathroom project, be it a renovation or new build, it can never hurt to get some advice from the experts about what works, and what doesn’t.

The following information and images are from the 2017 Mico Bathroom Book - click here to download the complete booklet.


When it comes to creating a new bathroom, the feel of the space can be just as important as the look. Adding depth and feeling to your bathroom can be as simple as adding some texture. Mico sees textures as being a key feature of the bathroom in 2017, both in the form of physical touch and feel, but also in the form of colour diffusion and material highlights. They’ve picked four eclectic trends which they see being pulled through into the bathroom - Fade, Discover, Proclaim and Invisible.

 Fade - Subtle watery/muddy paint hues and tones applied with the ombre effect for more definition. A feeling of softness, calmness and light seems to be the desired result. Perfect for using the pantone colours of the year; Rose Quartz 13-1520 & Serenity 15-3919, which, when subtly featured in a bathroom will add a harmonious touch.

Discover – Slick and rough i.e. a freestanding bath with a rough rock exterior. Modern details mixed with old world items. The colour discovered from these processes can vary from a deep aqua tone to the clarity of river stone grey.

Proclaim – A hyper natural atmosphere. Think digital printed botanicals onto wallpapers, tiles and fabrics. Quirky and unusual based on the natural rich hues of the earth.

Invisible – Monochromatic colour tones paired with transparent weaves. Looking for the blurred out version of colour. Whitened print over coloured wallpaper, fabric or tiles. Sheer fabric covering windows for the filtered light. The foamy and water droplets look gives a space a multi layered pure feel.

Statement décor

Adding a distinctive and personal touch to a bathroom can be as simple as installing a piece of furniture or décor which has been crafted specifically for the space. Things like hand painted tiles or hand crafted lights can achieve this perfectly, while custom designed vanities or vanity tops can become a feature on their own. Steering away from mass produced pieces and opting for one which is specifically designed for the space can be the key to adding that personal touch. Think handcrafted stone, concrete, timber, painted vessels and exotic veneers.


As with 2016 bathroom trends, lighting remains important. The lighting chosen for a room can transform it’s whole look and feel. Strips of LED lights can range from a basic warm light to multi light changing options, and placing the lights strategically can change the whole look of the space - a low cost way to make your bathroom a true oasis.  

Pop in to your local David Reid Homes builder, or closest Mico Bathroom showroom for more inspiration and advice about creating a true bathroom oasis that is both beautiful and functional.

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