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Architect or Design and Build Company?

At some stage when planning your dream home, you’re going to have to make a choice about who designs it.


At David Reid Homes you get the best of both worlds – a home designed with your needs in mind for a fixed price.

Do you go with an architect or a design and build company?

Having your home designed by an architect will give it a unique quality and possibly a greater resale value.

With an architect, you would also hope that the home will be a better fit for the site and your family’s needs now and in the future.

A well-designed home is something to be celebrated; it will not only enrich your life but also be an asset to your neighbourhood.

The downside is that the design process with an architect can take longer and be more costly — but from that you would expect to get a home that is the product of ideas that have been refined over time and will be a healthy and happy place to live in harmony with your environment.

One of the most important things is to be clear about your budget from the start and ask for a quantity surveyor or builder who is used to working with architects to be involved from the start.

This way you can identify any budget blowouts early in the process, before you become too attached to some of the marvellous ideas your architect has dangled before you.

The other advantage of employing an architect is having them act as project manager so they can oversee tradesmen and ensure the construction methods and materials are appropriate for the environment you are trying to create. A good architect will also make sure the home works as far as design, function and sustainability are concerned.

The advantage of going with a large design and build company is that they have a good handle on cost control and often have their own designers, or ones they use regularly.

Brendon Hamill of David Reid Homes Counties says the company offers the best of both worlds.

‘‘The client still gets an architect to design their house, but because the building company has been engaged as the principal and given a budget, the onus is on the home builder to meet that budget,’’ Hamill says.

‘‘Quite simply the builder must meet budget or there is no build.’’

Hamill says David Reid Homes has the in-house expertise and systems to guide the client through the cost options and allow the architect to focus on what they do best: designing.

He says the company can advise clients from the outset whether or not their budget is realistic for what they want to achieve. If not, it can offer alternative ideas or directions to help the client get the home they want.

This advice can avoid a lot of unnecessary time and expense.

David Reid Homes has a couple of architects it works closely with on the majority of its builds, but it also enjoys working with other architects if the client has a specific person they wish to use.

One of the major bonuses is that the project starts and finishes with David Reid Homes, therefore eliminating the hassle of dealing with a variety of companies and tradesmen. Most council queries can also be taken care of in-house.

One of the most common reasons people choose an architect, rather than a building company, is because they want their home to be unique – purpose built for their needs and lifestyles, rather than a cookie cutter approach.

At David Reid Homes, we are renown for being the design and build specialists – our design and build service ensures the home we design is 100 per cent personalised to your requirements.

We also have more than 40 home designs unique in size, style and features in our Standard Plan range for you to choose from, or provide inspiration for your own design and build project.

Lastly our Smart Solutions range offers complete management from conception through to completion on a range of pre-designed, pre-priced innovative homes designed to maximise value without compromising on style.

So whatever your aspirations, we have the design and build solution for your dream home.  Contact your nearest David Reid Builder to start making that dream home a reality.

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